Why Is Yoga So Important ?

The human body is a complete universe in itself. All the energies of the universe carry out different tasks and duties.In the Vedas, the human body described as a small universe. All energies present in the universe are also present in the human body.Unfortunately, due to missed time opportunities to continue to build on the tradition as we all moved in the modern world, we lost the true element of the tradition.These traditions were related to universe-science and some traditions who knew the science to connect and unite with the universe have disappeared.Perhaps, the reason for this is the first part of yoga, which states that ‘Yoga is confidential.’  which is why the Yoga education should be given only to an adequate person or to the curious believer of yoga.

At present, due to excessive propagation of yoga, the basic element has been destroyed. At present, the stress is on making the body strong and healthy with asanas only, wherein yoga is a practice that remains even if the body remains or not.Cultivation of the Supreme Consciousness considered as yoga.Though a healthy body is something that can always be attained through yoga but what we are talking about here is above the physical body, which is an art of connecting (connecting) with the rhythm of micro-universe within us and seeing the entire universe within us- which should be determined under supervision of a guru.

  • The various methods and practices of yoga and other meanings were provided by my Guru in the Himalayas for a long time, and with the instruction of Guru, I am attempting to make these various disciplines available only to qualified and curious persons.
  • In which to understand one’s own body, to understand one’s energy, the experience of the medium of various energy sources of the body.
  • Purification of the body through six deeds.
  • Understanding the heart: The devotion of the energy produced in it transforms the heart energy through devotion.
  • Mental development through yogic sleep.
  • Internal purification through self-less service.
  • The purification of the five elements such as fire air, the purification of the earth.
  • Vedic Lifestyle.
  • Proper Vedic diet
  • Continuous study of Vedic literature, the practice of mantra chanting etc.
  • Pranayama.
  • Finally, experience the main purpose of life, which is the attainment and experience of unbroken bliss.

If you want to transform yourself, then you can come on this path but this path is only for people with determination, who are ready for a long journey or spiritual journey in life.


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