Connect To The Universe Through Reiki

We often get confused with our thoughts what we see what we feel and what we interpret. Pay attention to the magical power of synchronicities and the unexpected gifts sent to you by the Universe. Strengthen your communication with universe. All powers are already here with you and you are probably already experiencing them as an inner knowing; a voice within.

Heal your soul, be clear on your thoughts, develop your psychic intuition, train yourself to notice the beauty of life with all its colors and different ways of manifestation. Be grateful for everything, for everything is a gift in disguise.

Reiki is used to balance a person’s energy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When a human being gets balance of all these elements, which make up a being; then they get into a healthy state where their own Life force is flowing freely and unimpeded. It is believed when the life force flow freely then there are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balances generated and you start to develop your psychic intuition and building connection with universe


4 thoughts on “Connect To The Universe Through Reiki

  1. Isha says:

    Jagroop is a great teacher, I have learnt reiki from her. She understands the need of each individual she is working with and explains the process at each person’s pace. Thank you Jagroop for introducing me to reiki.

  2. Rosie Saini says:

    Jagroop helped me bring down the anxiety that I was experiencing. After doing Reiki with her, I was able to ground myself, let go of negative energy, and was more calm. She has a very calm personality and she listens and tries to work with your schedule as well. I would highly recommended doing Reiki with Jagroop as an alternative to medications which come with added side effects.

  3. ASTERIOS G SIMHA says: of Hermes Energy and supplies SA
    My friend Mr Divakaran informed me about your excellent work .

    im proud you include also – connect to the Universe . as is my life since near 9 years.


    1. Ritu says:

      Hi Asterios, Its so nice to connect with you here. Thanks for including me into connect to the Universe.

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