Why Breathing Is So Important In Yoga?

Yoga is not all about moving your body in certain way that to work on muscles. Yoga is to control your breath in such an way that can actually unite body movements with breathing to create a harmony between body and mind. Deep breathing and yoga movements are inseparable.
In our body nadis flow the subtle energy. We move our body in perticular direction to help the energy flow through channels called nadis through which subtle energy flows. There are 72,000 nadis, where the subtle energy flows throughout the body. The three most important nadis are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.

If someone does only the poses without breathing, those are good workout but not yoga. Yoga and berating are two inseparable parts.
You can change your life by controlling your thought, and a relaxed mind allows you more control over your thought process. When you withdraw your senses from the external, you are tuned into the internal sound and can hear the breath. Breath helps to relax mind and ultimately improves health.
Concentrating on breathing helps to shut the mind from outer distraction,and thus focusing on the sound of breathing helps to focus on increasing mental peace of the practitioners.

When body movements and breath work together, there are more than one way that yoga impacts our mental and physical health
· Clears the mind. The increased oxygen level through Pranayama breathing helps purge the body of carbon dioxide, which benefits the brain and nervous system.
· Improves mindfulness.
· Strengthens your lungs and respiratory system
· Decreases Stress level
· Helps reduce depression
· Improves sleep quality.


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