Swami Arvind Hari

Arvind Gaur is the perfect example of a yogi, adventurer, and spiritual seeker who has a strong bond with the Himalayas and their age-old customs, especially the Adi Shakti Yoga Parampara lineage. His spiritual journey was further enhanced by his experiences with legendary figures such as Swami Chittprakashan Ji Maharaj in the Himalayas, who is known for their ethereal aura and healing qualities. Despite his numerous travels throughout India, his heart finds resonance in these mountains.

Loved by many as “Guruji,” Arvind Ji’s passion for yoga brought him to the attention of esteemed organisations such as the Bihar School of Yoga and Sivananda Nayyar Dham. Later, he was invited to teach in Delhi and Rishikesh, where his life-changing classes won him praise and invitations to special sessions around the world.

Inspired by a deep desire to impart his knowledge, Arvind Ji established the Adi Shakti Yoga Parampara Peeth with the goal of democratising yoga, particularly for the youth of today. His journey, evocative of ancient sages, embodies a dedication to spiritual development and unselfish devotion, inspiring searchers around.

Rudrakshaa Yogashala
Rudrakshaa Yogashala - Swami Arvind Hari
Rudrakshaa Yogashala - Swami Arvind Hari