Five Elements of Body

According to Veda the human body is made up of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space. All these five elements are present in universe too.   Human body is like a small universe in itself. In Sanskrit these five elements are called pancha  bhutas Broadly speaking, the body is COMPOSED of 5 tattvas: Solid (Prithvi), Liquid (Jalam), Gas (Vayu), Heat (Agni), and Space (Akasha). Interestingly these five great elements have got an interesting relationship to five senses of human body. Every element is associated with body and mind that represents physical and mental health of individuals. Five senses are associated with these 5 elements.


Eternal Sky/ Ether: The eternal sky or ether, it is only heard. Ether has certain intelligence. Access to this intelligence  determines the quality of your life. It represents the space in which everything takes place.

Air: . It represents the respiratory system of human body. Of all the elements, air is perhaps the most powerful to cleanse the body of toxins. This is partially because it fans the fire in our body-mind. When air circulates and the other elements, it automatically purifies us. Teaching the proper use of breath during asana and incorporating Pranayama practice into our daily routine increases both our lightness and our inner power.


Fire: Fire represents light, heat, energy, metabolism, and the power of transformation. People with a strong fire element in their constitution have leadership qualities and are adventurous, brave, confident, motivated, energetic, and progressive.


Water: is another element in body as 60 percent of Human body is water. Water is responsible for various task, like blood has water in it, what you sweat is water, Which keeps toxins keep out of your body. Water is also responsible for body temperature stable. Water is the protector of the body providing its most basic nourishment. It protects against the dissolution of ether, the roughness of air, and the heat of fire. It also soothes pain and inflammation in the body. People with abundant water in their constitution show strong traits of compassion and empathy, since water is connected to emotions.

Earth: earth is responsible for everything that is solid and you can touch is made from earth element. Teeth, bones, skin etc are the example of earth element. It’s believed that one has to be in constant contact with the earth by all senses. That’s why ancient sages often walked barefoot where ever possible. It represents the solid state of matter and is responsible for the physical constitution of the body. Bones, tissues and teeth are considered as earth elements. The earth element represents the matter of the universe. It gives form to the human body and all creation. This structure provide by the earth is the conduit through which all other elements flow.

Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to restore health because it gives us the means to bring even those elements that are natural enemies into harmonious relationships with each other. The benefits we get from practicing yoga with an emphasis on experiencing the elements of nature are numerous. Yoga teaches us that when all five are balanced within ourselves, then we have achieved perfect wellness. This means that we feel calm, peaceful, happy, healthy, and strong.


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