“Health is wealth”. This is the proverb we have learnt from our childhood, but we rarely realised its true meaning unless we have experienced chronic health issues. This period of coved19 has taught everyone the true meaning of the proverb. As a result we have started taking care of our health. When it is the matter to take care of health, nothing is better than yoga as it takes care of not only physical but also mental health. Still many people face mental & physical difficulties like someone who hasn’t been practicing, which shows they might not be practicing in the right way.


Another difficulty beginners face is to find an expert Guru who will be able to guide you in right way to practice yoga so that you are able to see the results. But how to find the trainer for you. An attractive website is not everything for a yoga instructor.


Try to find a good guru rather than an institution. You even don’t need a yoga studio as yoga can be practiced outdoor. All you need is someone who will guide you throughout your practice session. As breathing is very important in yoga, make sure you are learning it correct otherwise real purpose of yoga will not be served.

As a result one who practices yoga may not feel & see any progress in their physical & mental condition is impossible, however, for such results regular practice along with the absolute true essence of yoga is needed.


If you are not satisfied with your yoga practice and still looking forward to progress in your mental, physical & spiritual wellbeing and willing to commit for long hours dedicated practice then we can be the beneficial organisation for you.


If you are looking to practice yoga with such thoughts process, we would be able to help you!


Below are the details for the practices we offer: –

  1. Internal Cleansing Process (Sasthakarama, breathing techniques, scientific effects of breathing for positivity & longevity of life.)
  2. Mental Cleansing Process through various breathing exercises (Pranayama), service offering, spiritual offering.
  3. Physical Cleansing through Hatha Yoga and different forms of yoga.
  4. Spiritual Cleansing through Meditation, yogic sleep etc.
  5. Social Cleansing/upliftment not just through social service but also by being more focused on one’s overall upliftment which can drive the upliftment for all other beings and making the planet more peaceful, graceful & thriving entity to live for all other living beings.


For more details, please contact Ritu Nanda  93891009