Meditation is a term we use to describe the act of attaining a complete balance between our mind and body. It empowers us to raise our self-awareness, improve our attention span, feel tranquil and reduce stress.

When we sit to meditate, the aim is to focus on just one thing. It can be an object or our breath.

Now, since our minds have a natural tendency to wander and think many thoughts, it may seem like a challenge to maintain our focus on one thing. This is the crux of meditation.

Think of meditation as a deep cleansing of your mind. A practice that will eventually empower you to calm the sea of thoughts that are the root cause of stress.

Pranayama prepares us for meditation. While meditating, we learn to attend to our transient and overactive mind, training it to work with us, not against us.

And once we know how to train our anxious minds, we gain the outstanding power to be mindful. We can now be selective in our thoughts and present in the here and now.

Hence, meditation is a technique that cares for our wellbeing, helps quieten the mind and create a life filled with peace, relaxation, and inner bliss.

Interestingly, the history of meditation goes back several centuries. And today, many different types of meditations exist.

Whether you are new to meditating or have some experience, at Rudraksha Yogashala, we welcome you to join us on this beautiful journey of enhancing life with meditation.