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Rudrakshaa Yogashala30mins steps to manage followed by Guided Meditation

Rudrakshaa YogashalaDuration :- 21 days * 1 hr each

Rudrakshaa YogashalaDate :- 1stSept to 21st Sept

Time :- 5 pm to 6 pm IST

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Rudrakshaa Yogashala

Rudrakshaa YogashalaRudrakshaa Yogashala


Magical Healing  Meditation – Living with Joy

Living with Joy – Level 1

21 Days of Guided Meditation (for beginners)

Awareness, peace, acceptance, declutter your life, manage stress, anxiety, mindfulness, energise naturally, positive thinking

3o mins explanation followed by Guided Meditation

What is Guided Meditation

Benefits of doing meditation & why it should be done

Redoing conditioned mind

What is body energy, 5 elements of the body

Importance of Gratitude Journal

Disha Pranam Meditation


MM slash DD slash YYYY

How to eliminate distraction while meditation

How to stop over thinking

Release & let go of Negativity from direction

Power of words

Make dream come true with visualisation method (LOA) Dream Visualisation

LOA + Dream Visualisation Meditation

Inner universe

Connection & Similarity of human body to Universe

Planets and Body connection

How universe speaks to us

Universe gratitude Meditation

7 wonders of life

What is body aura & natural ways to cleanse

Breath work to stay calm

How emotion affect our body

10 min Meditation effect on body

7 Wonder Meditation

Convert negative energy into positive

How to convert negative into positive

How to deal with various emotions

Water healing & manifesting magic

Hawaiian healing, Ho’oponopono Meditation

Inner child healing

How to heal inner child healing & why it is required

Age of behaviour formation

Inner child wounds

Inner child Healing Meditation

Deal with Anger and sadness

What is anger, how to deal

How sadness is stored in our body & release & let go method

Bhakti yoga meditation

Fear of unknown

How to deal with fear, develop faith

5 senses & detox the 5 senses, bringing in clarity

Body scan meditation

 Aura Cleansing

Who are psychic & emotional energy drainers

Cord cutting from the past, incident, people, dis-ease, situation

Importance of forgive or forget

Aura Cleansing Meditation

Reprogram Your Mind

How sub-conscious mind work- & how to make it work in our favour

Healing body while sleeping

Dream messages & guides

Healing Sound Meditation

Moon Magic

Clair power & How to develop more

Aline to moon energy

Moon Rituals & manifestation

Full Moon Healing Meditation

Power of AUM

How to chant AUM, benefits of chanting

What is chakras, how to balance

Metatron Healing Meditation

Body Chakras

What is Body Chakras

Evaluate if it is blocked balanced, overactive

Learn how to balance it with food, stone, affirmations, been mantra

Root & Sacrel healing Meditation

Body Chakra

Solar & Heart chakra

Evaluate if balanced/ overactive/ blocked

Learn how to balance it

Solar plexus & Heart chakra Balancing Meditation

Neck, third eye & Crown chakra Balancing

Healing with Hands

How to energise 5 element & heal with hand

Difference between Rekhi, pranic, SUjok, Mudra, Acuupressure

Inner child wounds

Rekhi Healing Meditation

Yin & Yang Energy

How to balance male (sun) & female (moom) energy

Evaluate your energy is wounded/natural/over active

Yin & Yang Meditation

Universe Connection

How nature is connected & decode their message

Learnings from trees & power of love

Love & kindness meditation

Healing breathwork

Learn healing breath work which makes you calm, peaceful & energised

Learnings from the sun & moon in our life

Balance everyday naturally

Rainbow Meditation

Golden White Meditation

Merge nature learnings in to daily life

Tune to cosmic abundance frequency

Connect to supper consciousness

Golden White Meditation


After 21 days of Guided Meditation, Practice yourself for 20 days

Celebrate Every Breath !