Core Strengthening Yoga

Our Core Strengthening Yoga class is designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of the abdomen, back, and pelvis.

Through a series of poses and exercises focused on the core, you will improve your posture, stability, and overall physical strength.

Our qualified instructors will guide you through a challenging yet accessible practice that is suitable for all levels.

We use traditional and holistic yoga techniques to train and tone the body, while also incorporating breath work to improve overall health and well-being. Click here to see our available classes and start experiencing the benefits of authentic yoga with us.

Rudrakshaa Yogashala - Core Strengthening Yoga
  • No. of classes : 10
  • Valid for 4 months
  • Price : S$260
  • No. of classes : 30
  • Valid for 8 months
  • Price : S$710